Thank you for visiting this price page. As per experience wise buyer search for reasonable price with better quality for the product or services he or she good judgment to buy. We are consider you the same and you are in the right place to buy the services. We keeping your budget in our mind and offered very competitive prices and our best possible quality. We are giving guaranty no one can beats our prices. Our prices are start from US $0.35 per image for our Clipping Path Service as well as you can get a idea about our pricing from the pricing table below for all of our popular services. Normally we start counting from 50 images, for the less quantity our prices point is different. Please contact with us any kind of quantity image processing and creative print design.

Price Table 

Clipping Path 

Simple                   $0.35

Medium                 $0.95

Complex                $2.95

Super Complex     $4.95

      Image Masking

Layer Masking      $1.00

Channel Masking  $1.50

Alpha Masking       $1.50

Complex Masking  $2.50

Photo Retouching

Basic Retouch      $0.45

Jewelry Retouch   $1.45

Glamour Retouch  $2.45

High End Retouch  $4.45

Shadow Service

Drop Shadow        $0.35

Natural Shadow    $0.35

Reflection Shadow $0.35

Complex Shadow   $0.95

Ghost Mannequin

Neck Joint            $1.35

Full Product Work $2.15

Custom                 $3.95

      Color Correction

Color Correction    $0.90

Exposure Correct $3.20

Color Conversion   $5.50

Vector Conversion

Raster to Vector      $2.45

Vector Drawing      $3.45

Logo Design          $20.00

Creative Design

Flyer Design        $15.00

Brochure Design    $40.00

Infographic Design $50.00

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