Ghost Mannequin / Neck Joint Service

Neck Joint Services commonly known as the ghost or invisible mannequin service, neck joint services is where a prospective buyer gets to see the product they wish to purchase in either 2 Dimension (2D) or 3 Dimension (3D). The product in most cases is usually clothes that they wish to purchase e.g. shirts or jackets. The term ghost mannequin came about as a result of how the final images are displayed after the neck joint service. They appear (the shirt or jacket) as though they have been worn by a ghost as there is no visible evidence of them being worn.

We know that the photographers, garments buying office use small studios or office to shoot variously shaped ghost mannequins wearing garment products or items in real shape from various angles depending on the products by investing little amount of money. At the same time, they also shot the neck part and inner part of the product separately.

Generally photographers use their plastic dolls instead of human body to save expenditure. To save time and cost people are using neck joint service as within a very short time you can shoot various products images.

Why Use This Service?

This is because it will enable your customers to have a better view of what it is that they wish to buy. Given that the client may not be able to make it to where the actual store is (as in the case of online shopping), this will enable them to have a 3D or 2D view of the item. It also acts as a marketing strategy since the after images are attractive making people visit your web page (in the case of online shopping). In the case of magazines, it will provide the reader with a more exciting picture as opposed to what they may be used to seeing. It will also act as a customer retention strategy since the ones that have bought items from you will be impressed by the images and decide to frequently buy your product.

Neck Joint Service Categories

The categories are classified depending on the type of work or the complexities that may be involved. Outlined below are the categories:

  • 2D joint - This outlines the height and length e.g. neck joint services.
  • 3D joint - This outlines the height, length and breadth e.g. neck and sleeve joint. It brings to life the hollow effect.
  • Watch wrist combination - This shows how a watch would look on your arm or how a different artifact would look on your arm.
  • Jewelry neck combination
  • Scarf neck combination

How We Do This ?

The most common way is by using a transparent doll that has been designed to mimic a figure of either a man or woman depending on the type of item being sold. What then follows is a series of photos that are taken by a professional photographer. During the photo-shoot, a clipping path (it is a series of straight lines that form a path) is applied to the front of the item as well as the inner part. The background is then removed leaving the inner part out of focus. Photoshop is then used to retouch the image giving it its final look.

Who Can Take This Services

  • E-commerce Sites Owner
  • Magazines Publisher
  • Advertising agencies
  • Printing

However, it is not limited to the four mentioned as anyone in the fashion industry can also use it. In the case of magazines, they will use it to showcase different types of clothes on offer. This will help the reader gain a better view of the item being showcased. Advertising agencies on the other hand will use it to present products of their clients to prospective clients in a manner that is sure to be attractive. In the case of websites, quality images are important for one to be able to retain a customer and attract potential customers. Neck joint services will help achieve this objective.

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